Friday, July 2, 2010

It does not get any easier than this. . .

Well, today I found what I was looking for,for the past few years.
I bought a Nikon D80 camera, 4 or 5 years ago, I struggled,struggled,shot on Auto, visited the camera shop lady often, but I just could not get it into my head what the manual settings actually stands for and when to use them.  When you go to the camera courses they use such high language, I don't have a cookin clue! So what do you do? Keep on shooting in AUTO, and then you have a camera worth thousands! What for??
I upgraded to a Nikon D90 a while ago and now I was adamant to take  better pictures, I enrolled for the course, but decided only to go in September,once I have the proper knowledge of the functions of the camera{maybe I am just a typical blond} but if you go here, it gets explained in {simple understandable normal camera user language}
I hope you will find this a useful as I did!
There is still one question I need to ask:  When you shoot and you use those little pictures like the little running man, does your camera set the speed or can you set it higher yourself?


  1. I would highly recommend that you read your camera manual a coupla times . That was very helpful for me .

    also you might like this link :

  2. Hi Tania! I know what you mean! I am only just getting to grips with it myself after all these years. I have just bought a tiny little book {A6 size} from Exclusive Books called something like DSLR Settings Explained, which I have put in my handbag & I'm trying to read a bit every day when I'm stuck in traffic, etc, LOL! Those pictures on the dial are still auto settings, the manual ones are only P S A & M & they are the only ones where you can set the shutter speed & the apperture {how much light you let in to the camera}. The easiest of the manual modes for me is A which stands for Apperture Priority. Sunny usually = 16 Overcast = 11 but best to take a shot in the place where you are going to photograph then adjust the apperture number until you get a good shot with enough light. I like my photos bright so often go much lower, even down to 2.8 at times. You adjust the apperture on the dial on the top right by turning it & you will see the number on the top right of the screen changing. See how you go!

  3. Thanks I am going to check it out now, me still shooting on auto and all.

  4. HI Tania ,

    I've posted more useful photography links in my latest blog if you wanna check 'em out !

    Happy weekend !

  5. Thanksfor this am going to have a squizz now. need to learn!!!