Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Ok, this is our first time to do this,me and Helen.
We chose the topic "Potted"
Anything in your garden that is potted.

I decided to photograph these pots.
When you step out my backdoor,these pots are hanging underneith my kitchen window.
I saw these pots looking really "unhappy" and wanted to make them look "happy"
I bought some pansies the other day and decided to "pot" them in here.
The top photo I changed to black and white, just to show how "unhappy" these pots really were.
Thanks for having a look and have a great day!
And don't forget to go over to Helen's:)Posted by Picasa


  1. What a great idea! Especially showing us the unhappy before & then the very happy after! Pansies are so cute - I love them - you've given me the urge to go & get some...yup, the are definitely next on my list...

  2. I love pansies too, esp the purple and white ones.
    You and Helen did great!
    I think we'll all be having much fun with these in the next few weeks.
    I wouldn't even mind if we all had the same topic and saw everyone's take on it.
    I am still shooting on auto though.

  3. Hello this Thursday and welcome to TUT....great photo, I love ur pots and flowers.

    Next time show your and your partners photo's on YOUR blog and your partner do the same show both....
    If u go over to the other's blogs you will see the example.

  4. Welcome to the challenge Tania, be careful it can take over your world - it certainly has mine! Great first theme, well done!

  5. Great potted pics...makes me happy looking at the pansies.