Monday, July 19, 2010

All About Me Monday

Well, Monday's is about ME!!
I was going through my photos this weekend and got this cd with some of our wedding photos on it.I Thought I would share them with you and also some details of this special day in my life, almost 8 years ago.

We got married at a guesthouse just outside of Rustenburg, called Eden.
I was still kind of new in town, so I did not know many photographers, the one we got was not the best,now that I know more of photography, I can tell.
I organized my wedding all by myself. From the venue to the invitations.
Everybody, including my parents was not 100% with us in the plan to get married.  Eventually my parents got around, I appreciate it now.
I never wanted a all white dress.  This dress, only the top part, was on a bridal magazine,that was what I wanted.
Financially, at that stage we could not afford a huge wedding, I can tell you now, that our whole wedding cost us under R18000, including my dress.
The people, owning the guesthouse, made everything very special. I was a 3 course meal, champagne on the tables, the whole tootie.
Me and Megan, can you believe how she has grown??
This is the venue, all set with the tables.
Me getting dressed, my friend, Rona took these photos, while in the room.
Hubby doing his speech.  I also thanked my parents myself and I played the song of Demos Russo's  to him, For Now and forever to him.
Our  first dance was on Dana Winner's, In Love with You.
The bridestable, we sat separate, seeing that hubby's parents did not attend. They were against the big age gap, but 8  years later, we are still happy together.
I think, now, they are sorry that they did not attend.
I must admit, it was a very nervous day, my dad was very emotional  and that mad me cry.
Having a toast on OUR happy day.
Having a good time and laughing the whole evening.
Hubby, being the gentleman.
I am very thankful, for the husband I received.
He is loving and caring and took me AND Megan, unconditionally.
He made Megan his own. She loves him with all her heart.
I would love to not wait until 25 years, for us to renew our vows.
Rather do it at 10 years.
He makes my life worth living.
He makes me complete.
He loves me for who I am.


  1. Simply beautiful.
    Love the red bodice. I so delighted in seeing those wedding pics. Glad that he still is the man for you. I chose my hubby against my Father's wishes and we are proof that it was the right thing to do.

  2. Aaah I feel like crying after reading that post lol! That is all so sweet...and 8 years is really not a big deal?!?

  3. This is a entry I LOVE...honestly its beautiful...I love hearing more about you and your wedding is a wonderful way to start off. I love your dress, before I read I thought * wow * love the fact this girl is prepared to do something out of the box on her wedding day ~ tells me you a leader not a follower.
    Age is but a number...older men appreciate their woman and know how to treat them well.
    Thanks for sharing ...xx

  4. Wow...what an amazing post...your love for your DH is so obvious. You were so young;-D

  5. what an amazing dress, Tania !!!

    Dh sure is a keeper , hun !!! You are so blessed !!!

  6. What a stunning post! You looked gorgeous - i love the detail on your bodice. so so pretty.

    and you looked so YOUNG!

    my dh is also 8 years older than me - it's not that much is it? and anyway, older men are the ones who look after their wives xxx

  7. love your photos!!! You are so beautiful, so loved, so blessed! Truly blessed because you know the gifts you have received and you treasure those you love.