Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fairy{photoshoot 1}

On Friday afternoon, I took a friend from the spinning and her little girl, so that I can practice my photography skills.
They had this dress in the cupboard, so we took it along with some wings and so on.
I noticed that the little girl was a bit nervous and did not know what I expected from her, but I told her to just have fun and eventually she came loose!lol!! As you can see on the slide.
This one, I wanted to get the sign into focus, but struggled, it says, "dance as though no one is looking"
My favorites are the last two, we took the photos at a local nursery and I just loved this bike and told her to get on to it!
She looked cute standing at the birdbath too.
The reason I named this post Fairy Photo shoot 1, is because I have a friend visiting, she has the cutest little girl, I WANT her for a shoot like this too!
Megan also volunteered, but I think we might struggle with the tutu to fit!lol!!
When I uploaded the images, I could immediately see that the first two of the photos, my lightning sucked!Really!!
So, I think I should have turned my camera around?? So that the flash could take up the part in the shade.
Now it is too late.
Thanks for having a look:)


  1. Trail and error is what it is all about, I also find that if I see another photographers pictures that gives me an idea of something to work towards. The last two are beautiful. Cute little girls, great setting, lovely weather, we'll keep watching this space.

  2. Hello there Tania

    Good that you have someone to practice on as practice makes perfect is what I say.
    I have now learned when my lighting is bad I can correct it all by using my paintshop pro program...dont have photoshop...
    Do you have a program..even the free ones are nice as there you can add more light, using the levels and curves.

    Those last two are great indeed so can see why you like them the most...but wonderful and creative and good poses.
    I congratulate you ...

  3. Definitely like the last one the best too! Well done!! Practise makes perfect & although time-consuming it is the only way with photography! Need to know our next challenge btw as like to get my thinking cap on a couple of days in advance {I'm a slow thinker lol}. The flash is hard to master but worth persevering. When I first put mine on I was so tempted to remove it. It seemed to make my pictures worse. You need to twist it to a place where there is something light to reflect off {like a white ceiling or wall} never straight at the subject & adjust the distance on the LCD so it doesn't white everything out too much as that is impossible to correct in jpeg format. Weather also makes a huge difference. Avoid 11 - 3 if poss - sun too high causes big shadows - best earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon when sun is at the side. And check ISO is on 100. Hope that helps! Keep at it. Love the nursery setting ;-D