Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cross country - First League

It was the first league of the Cross Country Schools today.
For a change, Megan is running under her own age, which is u/16 girls, in the club championships she must run a year older.
She runs with plaster around her feet, since she was a little girl, she could never run with running shoes. 
She came first today, she made a huge gap between her and the second runner.
Girls her age, run a distance of 4km's, they run this in a time of about 15-16minutes.
The second league will be next weekend, then the North West trials and then, should she make it, it is South African Championships. She already made the team for the Club Championships.
She started running, when she was in grade 3, on her own, she decided that this is what she wants to do and she is still here. . . running. I taught her, to always keep her feet on the ground, no matter what.


  1. She's really beautiful and has such an amazing figure as well....take good care of her :)

  2. She is beautiful, great photos you captured.
    Well done on winning too.

  3. She is your little girl?? You gotta be kidding me! I can only wish I could look good as you do now when my daughter is of that age.
    Beautiful photos you took.

  4. wow ! running with plaster on the feet ! that's a first for me ! but kudos to Megan & her winning ways !!!