Monday, August 16, 2010

All about ME Monday

So, this was me at 23!
Quite a few years ago.
I used to wear my hair like this, since grade 8!lol!!
When I moved to Rustenburg, the hairdresser convinced me to stop perming my hair.
This is actually a hard post for me to do, this all about me!
I thought about it and realised that it is never JUST me!
It is always about me and. . . .
Decided that one should make space for only ME:)

So, this weekend did not turn out the way I planned. Was really planning on scrapping up a storm, but then dear Megan came up with this huge science project, she needed me to type it.
Also, today is not going according to plan, wanted to go do a one o clock spinning class too, but it seems that I have a bit more of housework than I have bargained for.
I am planning to bake some rusks, but I am waiting for my dear old friend to send me the recipe.
I also really need to bath my dog, she is dirty, thinks she is also feeling dirty,since lying in the sand,catching a tan is her favorite thing,lately:)
Thought I would also tell you this:{just a few snippets of me}
My favorite bookstores: CNA and CUM books, I can wonder around in there for hours.
My best friend: Ok, the right answer should probably be Thania, but truly, it is my husband, I can tell him anything that is on my heart, and at least he can keep it to himself:)
What I hate more than ironing:  Folding socks and underwear!
What I wish for:{ok, this is going to sound insane! but she is now ticking me off!}and I truly wish this woman would stop what she is busy doing, to me and my daughter, but enough is enough!!!{ok, got that off my chest}
What I am thinking of cooking tonight: Lasagne,but then I should start now, before hubby gets home, it is not his favorite, but after all, it is ALL ABOUT ME MONDAY, and it is my favorite!
YOU have a great day!!


  1. Perms were so in for a while.
    I also love CUM, they greet me by name.
    I hate cleaning toilets more than ironing, I will happily do your socks and undies.
    Enjoy your lasagne.
    Great post.

  2. LOL! Well as it IS all about me Monday then yes you must have your lasagne! My DH loves it - it is his favourite - but a schlep for me to make as I seem to spend far TOO LONG in the kitchen making everyone's lunches & doing all the washing up dh likes to cook & mess & I clean it up lol! Anyway, enough about ME as it's all about YOU today! I also had the frizzy hair but it was the fashion so we were all "in" ;-D Your hair is lovely now though & I'm sure all of ours is in much better condition without all that perming fluid! You are a great mum to Megan - I also help my kids almost every week with art projects & orals, shame - it's not easy for them to cope with it all alone & with our scrappy supplies everything looks so professional! Sounds like your Monday is not much about you after all - I find Mondays are a bit like that - at the beginning of the week it's time to restock the groceries & get the house in order! Hopefully tomorrow will be more time for you ;-D

  3. Monday is all about you for sure. We need one day to make it only for us...
    Thanks for sharing and I hope it helps to get things off ur does for me.
    I'm so cold right now 15 degrees and raining,.

  4. Wow I love that photo of you and how you have used it in your layout!! PS: I LOVE lazagne so you can send some my way when you done ;-)

  5. It is great catching up with your blog. Great layouts here.