Monday, August 9, 2010

Pilanesberg Wild Animal Photo Shoot

We went for a drive through the Pilanesberg Park, we started our tour by seeing these Waterbucks.
Some Impalas, they seem to be in good shape.
The park itself, is very bushy, some green grass, although the dams are quite full.
Also some White Rhino on a stroll.
Did some birdwatching.
Then the male and female Rooihartebees buck.
Then these beauties, watch this one, doing the splits, so it can lick the salt, shame, hard to have such a long neck.
We took these at the centre of the park, where quite a lot of animals get together, maybe they know we are taking photos;)
I think this is a lovely one of our zebra.
Ok, look at this. This is an elephant carcas and the lion male, watching over it, after eating himself over the top.
Also taking a nap, lying on his back, we waited for about half an hour, for him to get up, but he was so lazy.
This was taken at quite a distance, for the rest of the onlookers are not too keen on sharing the scenes, I mean really, watch,  take a photo and pass, there are hundreds of people behind you!
Hope you enjoyed a lovely Woman's day!!


  1. forget people u becoming bloglands wild life photographer at this's are great...wonderful to live in Africa and see what others pay so much money for.

  2. Wow, those are awesome photos, you must have had the bestest day. Thanks for delighting me.

  3. Lovely photo's! Its when I see photo's like these that I know I can live nowhere else on earth. Africa is what defines me as a human being. I need to be able to see these animals, feel the earth under my bare feet and smell the unique smells that is Africa.

  4. Cool photos Tania - well done! Wow you either have a mighty long lens or you got a bit too close to all those creatures for my liking lol!!

  5. Love these pics... reminds me of our trip to Pilansberg last year this time.

  6. i enjoyed these wildlife pics soo much !!!! otherwise we have to watch Animal Planet or National Geographic channel more ! lol

  7. Oh I miss the Pilansberg. You had a great day's viewing.