Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team Up Thursday{Without the "team"}EDITED

I am seeking a partner for this weekly challenge. Anyone you know, who might be interested, please leave your details in my comment box. I do not know what is going on with the internet today, for some reason, my post was half published. My friend Helen, cannot join me in this challenge any longer, she has her hands full with scrapbooking challenges and deadlines, she has a daughter in matric, so her life is a bittie hectic at the moment.

I decided to post these photos, ok, this is quite high up in a tree, so I was sitting on hubby's neck,while taking these,lol!!
I am now constantly watching when these eggs will crack and then I will be there to photograph these new babies:)


  1. What happened to Helen being your partner?
    I think you did a great job photographing that bird and wish you the best of luck with your babies. I am quite happy that the pigeon pair we had trying to nest on our pillar have taken a break for a while.

  2. Hope we can find you someone soon, will keep my ears open xxx

  3. That's some great pictures! Waiting to see the littleies. Thinking if I know of someone...

  4. This post has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge space of nothingness below it???!!! LOVE the capture! And you being on hubby's shoulders lol...I would probably break my DH's neck if I tried to get up there lol...As for what happened to Helen guys...well Helen is still here but just tied up with so many other things right now that something had to give ;-( Stef see that Andrew has finally intimidated the birdies enough lol ;-D

  5. Oh, I'd love to see when those eggs hatch! Good luck in your search!