Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team Up Thursday{A Tree}

Tania chose the topic for this week - "Trees" & at first I thought "no!" because we only have a couple of palm trees in the garden and,being winter at the moment, they are not looking particularly stunning! I wasn't looking forward to hunting down a beautiful tree in Durban as it's rather chilly here right now, then I remembered that I had taken some "tree" photos in June, when we were visiting Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. While my photo is not technically brilliant & not perfectly focused {due to it being windy} I like that I caught the sun shining through the bare branches & oversaturated it to show the "sun circle" in the sky above the tree."


I chose this one, because of the huge difference in colours I experienced, while driving in the Pilanesberg the other day.
It is quite dry, although the dams are filled, but the grass is very dull looking, comparing to the trees, here and there which are very green. You can also see,  that this tree has mounted it's roots on this rock. I thought of that as quite interesting too.
Thanks for coming over and have a great day.


  1. I think you did a brilliant job on this one my dear friend! The contrast is fantastic & the shape of the tree really interesting - like a heart! I must seem very negative always thinking "NO!" to your suggestions - but it is great to push the boundaries & you got a really great result there for sure. And this week there can certainly be no confusion over who's photo is whose I hope!

  2. HI Tanja - aww i think its me who didn't notice that you and Helen are also member of the tut teams - great ladies.It is the first time I visit your blogs and I see your tut photos I have to say - Stunning - great photos - great theme and I love them both.
    Another two ladies whose blogs I have to stop by...
    see ya soon

  3. I think you've taken a really great shot here, love that the tree trunk follows the rule of thirds thing.
    Isn't it amazing that the tree can be so green while the grass is so brown.
    Well done.

  4. Love the bleached out look of the trunk of your tree, great atmosphere, I can almost feel the heat and the dryness all the way over here on my wet island. Great theme and one I think Claire and I will need to try in the not too distant future xxx

  5. Love your tree photo...great shot Tanya.