Friday, August 13, 2010

Her friend. . .

Last night, the school hosted their beauty pageant, Miss Rustie.
Megan's best friend, Felisha,aka {fiela} entered and she WON the title!!
We were over the moon!
I went along with my camera and flash, to try out some photos,knowing that usually at a school function, the lighting is very bad, but I think they are not too bad;)
Now, this is what this girl loves, she loves acting,singing and dancing.
They have been friends since grade 3. The girl on the left, is her sister.
They don't only get judged by looks, they also need to parade in their school wear and then, they must perform a act, which she wrote all by herself. It was GOOD!
Next week, she will be staying with us for a week, her mom won a competition, a holiday in Zambia, for two. She is like another child in our home and we love her, the two of them, swing it very well together, yet they are so different.


  1. Wow, so cool to have her friend win it.
    I also love that you celebrate her successes. The world should have more of that. The girls are so beautiful. Your photos came out so well, miner in the school hall are way too dark.

  2. She is really beautiful...congratulations to her on the wonderful and exciting win.
    Photo's came out very well.....good going there my friend.

  3. Your photos are great & she is an absolute stunner!