Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Team Up Thursday{Furry Friends}

So, Helen, chose the topic for this week, since we all love our furry friends so much:)

Helen said that she struggled quite a bit to photograph Cocoa, because she pulls her ears back, whenever she sees a camera and then resembles an owl,rather than a cat!lol!! She eventually got a few taken, ones that she will always treasure.
I decided to do a collage of some of the photos I took over time.  Let me introduce you:
The black and white poodle doggie,his name was Bubbles, he passed away about a year ago,of age.
The little brown Dutch hound, now that is my mother's{who is my neighbour}little brat!lol!! Oh boy, he has got attitude!
The black and white Pekingese, that is old Grumpy, he really has got a personality, on his own planet all the time. And then of course my other girl, Lizzy, who sidesteps Grumpy all the time! You know, he even keeps her from her food bowl!!
These little "furry friends" add so much joy to our lives,I can not imagine our lives without them.
Thanks for coming over:)


  1. I love your photo collage...and that Sharpei is so cute.

  2. some great shots of your furry brood - thanks for sharing, you guys are getting some great photos!

  3. Stunning collage...which are Helen's photo's and which are yours...??

  4. I love that you created a whole collage.
    Well done. Your home must be a haven for them all.

  5. Love your collage Tania - your sharpei is definately my fav!

  6. Aaah your doggy collage is such a lovely tribute to all the furry friends in your life! Imagine trying to scrap a collage with our pets combined? Now that would be tricky lol!