Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Falling Behind. . .

I never got to my Monday post, All about ME!! sorry:(
I took these pictures at a Animal Farm aka nursery in Rustenburg.
I am busy with washing, while typing this.
We received VERY good news yesterday, Megan came home with her certificate, to receive her honouree colours at school.
I will post the pictures as soon as I got the blazer, out of stock at the moment.

Hubby is back from a hunting trip, luckily, all the meat is been cut and packed already, I have a problem working with raw meat, really.
This weekend, we went to Pretoria and as always, I go and visit some of their Scrap booking stores.
I am sorry to say, that I was very disappointed. It is a very well known shop, who has moved, the shop is bigger, yes, but the stock is less and yes Shayne, EXPENSIVE!! Over the top.
I ended up spend about R200, a real cheap round when it comes to scrappy shopping.lol!!
Also went to watch Megan and her team play hockey. They lost, big time!! But it was their first game played on a Astro field. Playing on grass and on Astro is a huge difference, making the ball very fast, not HITTING the ball, only slapping it. Only 4 of our girls have experience playing on Astro.
Otherwise, we just chilled. . .
Started Monday with my usual Spinning class.
I instruct 5 classes per week and attend 4 per week.
We are getting a whole lot of new members, seeing that summer is coming!
Having a full class, really picks up the pace of the class also and really motivates me as instructor and of course GOOD music!
Talking about music, I eventually got my hands on a cd of Susan Boyle!
Always out of stock.
Oh my word!!
Truly inspiring i must tell you, some of the songs she sings brings tears in your eyes.
Do you listen to her music?
Ok, I should really go now, the washing machine is playing it's tune, so I should go hang the washing.


  1. hehe... I can sympathise on the getting behind thing... that's me too!
    Congrats to Megan on the colours... way to go.
    The scrapping expensive trip seems to be an allround thing.... so not nice!

  2. Beautiful swans, I love the black ones, so rare.
    lekker post.
    My washing machine also plays me a happy tune.

  3. hahaha ! yes ! spending R200 over here will be very cheap scrappy spending too ! very well done !

    how cool that you instruct a Spinning class !

    Glad to hear you got hold of Susan Boyle's CD ! very inspiring music I agree !

  4. Sounds a bit hectic your side Tania LOL! Yep I have the Susan Boyle CD - I LOVE it - listen to it fullblast in my car when I'm not listening to the Life Designs CD by the Parlotones ;-D That scrappy shop sounds awesome in stock but not in prices. If you ever feel like shopping I'll direct you to the site, send me your list, I'll add my stuff on & a month later, hey presto, out goodies will be here & worth the wait let me tell ya ;-D

  5. What?! I never saw the photos when I was first here - was wondering what you were going on about - beautiful creatures! I need to get some monkey shots - they are all over the place here too! Might even try to find them this afternoon for out TUT. May be a bit late on that this week 'cos full of flu right now ;-(

  6. Lovely post.

    Yes, my machine also sings when it is done.

    What is it with these scrap shops? Makes me so mad. A friend of mine has opened up one here and her prices are so reasonable. Really very well priced and she has most of the latest ranges (so if you're looking for something - shout!) xx