Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo Shoot {sneak Peak} and bit of randomness. . .

This weekend, we stayed at home, just relaxed.
On Sunday afternoon, the girls and I decided to have a photo shoot, I took 83 photos of these 2!
This is 2 of them, only one of these are edited, the right handed one.
I used a old duvet cover as a backdrop, worked pretty good i think;)
Hubby and I went to Klerksdorp on Saturday, he had to pick up something, so we quickly went to a few shoppies, I found a Canon Selphy printer, the cutest little thing and it's printing is PERFECT!
Just struggling to get it to print from my computer, it prints fine from my camera straight away.
I also decided to invest in the Corel Paintshop Pro X3 photo editing software, works very much easier than Adobe, I have been struggling with that for a loooong time now, this one, I am pretty sure, WE will get along!lol!
There was no Cross Country meeting this weekend, because of the strike and also NO school today{this is fun for the kids}I am just thinking, how they will manage to get through the term, seeing that the exams are on hand.
Today, I have done the washing, but no ironing yet, went to spinning, did  a bit of cleaning too, but I am constantly wondering off to my computer, to try and figure everything out.
By the way, on Wednesday,we are doing a 3 hour long Spinnathon, the teams only spin for half an hour each, a team consist of 6 members, but we, the instructors will do the whole 3 hours!! I have done it before, but not sure I am ready for a challenge like this yet, after being ill, with flue on and off.
I believe that you are having a excellent day:)enjoy the rest of it!!


  1. Photo's do look great
    I also use Coral's Paint Shop prox3 and love it...
    Good luck with the spinning marathon, we did lots of those in the days when I taught.
    Are u Johnny G qualified?
    I got trained by Johnny G the creator of Spinning with a few other instructors the year they were launching it in the Health and Racquet club I worked at. I hated it in the beginning being a dancer and he said he would give me my money back if at the end of the 3 days I still hated it...hence I loved it...but wont talk about the sore.... I had for months and months.

  2. These are gorgeous photos T!! and good luck for the Spinnathon!

  3. The colour of the girls skin looks so much better on the second one.
    Shucks, 3 hours spinning. I know that I couldn't cope with that.
    I have taken ages to learn photoshop elements too, but find Jessica Sprague's video's incredibly helpful.
    No striking here either.

  4. I enjoyed that update! Enjoy your little printer - sounds cute!! What a treat you had on Saturday. I have the new HP Photosmart touch-screen printer & it is giving me problems. I had the previous model for a few years & it worked like a dream, so this is a disappointment & needs to go back to Dion Wired. Please keep me informed about how you get along with Paintshop. I can't say I've made a big effort with PSE but from the few little things I've done in there I am NOT impressed with the set up & user-UN-friendliness of it all & to do a course or buy a book on it is another big expense, a bit off really!

  5. how nice you have 2 beautiful models who wil cooperate nicely with you for pics ! lol !

    I was trying to take pics with the vuvuzela Helen sent me with the kids - the boy simply cant even open his eyes for the pics ! lol .

    Hope you get much more out of that Corel software too for photoediting ! ;)

  6. Hi marcelle, yes, did the Jhonny G spinning course, 9 years ago, i found that his type of spinning is the most similar to roadbiking.

  7. Helen, I could start working with the corel program straight away, still struggling to convert my files,but sure i will get it right soon:) will keep you updated.

  8. Pearl, I could not believe my ears, when they told me they wanted to do the photoshoot, usually I am begging on my knees!lol!

  9. Stephanie and Amanda, thanks for the well wishes on the spinnathon, hope i will be back on thursday, alive!!lol!!

  10. OHhhh...nothing quite like willing models...lucky you. Good luck with the spinning...sounds exhausting to me.

  11. Lovely photos - always helps to have willing children to haul in doesn't it?

    Wow, 3 hrs spinning, i could think of nothing worse. Hope it went well for you!