Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have something to share,but. . .

Hey you all,

This has been a week with a HUGE surprise!!!
It really is a private family matter,BUT I think I should share,because it is just amazing, how life turns out and that some things still have a HAPPY ENDING. . . boy will this make a GREAT layout!!!
Do you want to know???


  1. Of course I want to know... how can you drop hints and then not tell... hehehe!

  2. LOL!! At least one voice, yeah!! Ok, bear with me for a little while. . .

  3. Now Tania...this is not fair and you know it...TELL ALL!

  4. What are you two doing up in the middle of the night LOL! You have my e mail address so hope I will be the first to know!