Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off she went. . .

Megan went to the year end function of the hockey, this evening.
Just a sweet black number, which I bought 2 months ago, otherwise, when you wait till the last minute, you end up having the same dress than somebody else. We are not so fortunate to have a big variety of shops around here.
Anyways, just plain hair, little bling around her neck, little bitty make-up and off she went.
I hope she is having a good time, this one and only of mine.
We have a meeting tomorrow at the other school, they invited us to come and have a tour around the school, to check out everything and so on, then she can make up her mind for next year, in her own time.
I bought myself a baby this weekend, can you believe it! LOL! My friends think i am crazy, bought one of those little dragon thingies, still a very small baby, will post some pictures soon. He is very cute and he eats crickets, so I must add that to my shoppinglist.
Enough for now, sweet dreams you all!!
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  1. Your daughter is a stunner - and that is a great photo! Can't wait to see the LO with it blown up nice & big. Hope her heart is not still broken...

  2. oh my she is very beautiful! Hope you are ready for major daughter-suitor headaches! :) Hmmm I want to see your "baby"! :)

  3. Tania she looks gorgeous... I am sure her dad wants to lock her away for the next 10 years:)

  4. thanks you all, yes, absolutely, it is time to scrap. lynette, yes, her dad is VERY protective.

  5. She is beautiful.

    As is the dress. Hope she had fun!