Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where to Stay Part 2

ok, here is some of the spectacular views in Parys, lovely sights on the river.

Hmm,ok, this one is for sale, right on the riverbank, only 2.2million, would love this, but the money honey!
Then, the shops in the main street all look like these, I am sure that I will enjoy myself here. . . .will have to leave hubby on the riverbank and only take the wallet!!LOL!!
Ok, at the info centre we got a booklet with all the really "nice" places to stay, will definetly go back for a decent visit, also found a small scrapping shop, they also do VERY nice framing.

Anyways, this is Parys, hope you have a nice weekend.

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  1. Looks like a very pretty place...some of those little dorpies definitely have more to offer than meets the eye. I love all the hand-made produce shops, etc.

  2. Never been to Parys but hear it's great. Also a 'snob' so wouldn't stay anywhere that wasn't 'approved'. When we go to PE for our wool sale i only stay in 4-5* B&B's.

    That house does look lovely tho - you just need to win the lotto!