Monday, October 12, 2009

Spring Ball

Ok, I am way behind with my blogging, but things are a bit hectic on this side of our country.
On Friday evening the school had their Spring ball.
I do not know why, but we always end up nervous and hurried and then, Megan and me get a bit edgy with each other.
This time was nothing different.
At least, I got a few pictures, with a forced smile, but I will get better ones from the school.
What do you think of the hair?? I did it myself, struggled with the curls, but in the end I think not too bad, BUT I used A Lot of hairspray.
The dress i got at a little boutique, not badly priced, think it is cute;) We had to shorten it a bit. In these cases shoes are always a problem, Megan is not a HIGH HEELER, so it somewhat difficult to get shoes, but in this case the dress were too short, so cute flats did the thing.
Actually, I have a lot to share, but this is what I have time for, tomorrow is another day;)
So, enjoy your evening:)
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  1. She's a total beauty Tania! Phew...she will have the boys after her in a few years if not already LOL! The dress is gorgeous, the hair is amazing, she looks a million rand!

  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Always nice to have new readers!

    Your daughter looked gorgeous. Love everything and congrats on the hair, i think it looked stunning.

    will def try the fruitcake recipe. been looking for a good one for sometime now.

    and i loved the pics you posted from your garden. something i would do to!

    lovely to meet you!