Friday, October 23, 2009

I have until Monday to decide. . .

As I am typing this, I am VERY sad, VERY unhappy, VERY disgraced, UTTERLY disgusted,ok, is there one
word for all of this??

This is the next version of SCHOOL X!! I really need comments on this one, advise, whatever is needed to make up my mind, I have until MONDAY morning at 7.

It was the prize giving on Friday evening.
On Wednesday Megan was handed a invitation to attend this "ceremonial event."
The teacher did not have the list anymore, so she could not tell Megan what she was nominated for. Ok, Thursday comes, she still does not know.

Friday comes, they need to rehearse the whole show, shown where they need to sit, etc.
They actually call out her name, to be seated with the kids that is ONLY receiving Honoree Colours, you know, where you buy the "special" blazer, etc?

After school, she gets in the car, confused, telling me what is going on, STUPID me, telling her that maybe she is after all, getting Colours for her making the NASFED hockey team to France, at the beginning they told her, that the school does not give recognition to this sporting body.
She said, that she needed to apply, and she did not. STUPID again said, maybe your hockey coach nominated you.

I told my husband about it, he said something smelled fishy!

Ok, at 4 'o' clock Friday afternoon, I went to the school, to see whether there are some teacher that can tell me what was going on, should Megan attend this thing, what for, etc.

First teacher, which is the art teacher, very nice lady, she took me to the office, where they were busy typing all the certificates(can you believe it, still doing that, 2 hours before the event?) ok, no this lady does not know, she only has the grade 10 list, please go to so and so. Right go to the next one, no she only has the grade 11 list, please go to so and so. . . RIIGGHHT, so and so hits the computer with Megan's name with the following news: Mam, your child, Megan, is actually not invited to tonight's event, she is getting her diploma at the "dry"event at school, in school time, next week! Pulling up her shoulders with a sigh of "sorry"

SORRY, sorry for what? What if I did not went to ask, what if Megan had sat there between all the kids getting their COLOURS and her name was not even read out?? What a shameless embarrassment for my child??

The Head of Department, busy with the things in the hall, looked at me, as though I were from another planet, when I asked him about the situation.

The result, me and Megan,(sorry, I am an emotional type of person, cry VERY easy)sitting in the car, crying, out of madness, embarrassment, again no ONE word, to describe this.

Megan does NOT want to go back to that school on Monday. Although the deputy head phoned me, telling me NOT to make an emotional decision, I feel this situation is inexcuseable. I want my child out of that school, she is always giving her everything for this school, you know she even gave up provincial athletics trails, to play hockey for her team on that particular day, because this school has the ability to let their different sports overlap in such a matter, that the kids cannot make a decision in which one they should participate. I mean, goodness, it is the end of the year, in January when school starts, athletics is suppose to kick off and guess what, they are already busy with "WINTER"sport training.

You know, this school gives COLOURS to children achieving international goals in karate, which is NOT a school sport, by the way, but they wouldn't give to Megan who achieved this great goal of actually competing internationally in France in Hockey, which is a school sport, her hockey has improved so much in that time, she was actually the team's Bonus, because she came back with so much new and improved skills. She shot about 14 goals for her team this season. A father from France actually bought Megan's shirt after the one game:) Don't you think that is something to be proud of, that the school can be proud of, after all, she was representing her school and country. And she gets NOTHING for it!!

They could not even save her from embarrassment, my goodness!

So, what should I do, take her out to another school, or demand COLOURS AND a FORMAL excuse by the incompetent person, making this stupid mistake?
I feel at something like a prize giving there should be a ZERO error of mistakes.

I am hoping to get some scrapping done, this weekend, I have such nice goodies that I bought at the Polka DOT event.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, thanks for reading.



  1. Good heavens...what a sorry excuse for a school. I am totally honest when I tell you that I got as emotional about wrong doing, as you do now, when my oldest was still at school. I feel for your daughter, it must be horrible to be let down like that. I feel the school should give her a formal apology and explanation about why she did not receive her colours.

  2. Yowza - what a tale! Firstly I am soooooooooooo sorry that you are feeling so upset my dear. I empathise completely with you. I have had a very similar experience with one of my own children & took them out of the school with no explanation because there had been soooooooooooo many problems that I thought that my decision would be self-explanatory. I wouldn't continue trying there any longer, I would simply keep her at home & phone around on Monday & get her into the nearest school/boarding school, whatever...soonest...I went to boarding school from Gr 9 & loved it. If she can come home for the weekends & you can phone her every day then there is a good chance I'd say that she'd be a lot happier somewhere else. I would e mail the school insisting on the colours she was due & giving them a deadline to get them to you, insisting that if they do not achieve this you will be writing to the local paper to outline your grievances, based on fact, of your decision to move your child.

  3. The school did mess up terribly and yet God was gracious and through your persisitance allowed you to find out in time and save her the embarresment.

    Being emotional is a good thing, and crying together helps her see that this was an important thing.

    I pray that you will be given the wisdom you need and the peace that will follow.

    I have also had issues with the school my children attend and yet haven't felt led to take them out so they have stayed and these things have become life lessons instead.
    Having said that the first school my oldest attended we took him out after the first term of grade 1.

    However you are your daughter's mother and as such know what is best for your little one.

  4. Such a hard decision to make... not one I would like to even contemplate this late in the year. I would definitely say though that the school should make right and award your daughter colours... if they do it for karate then she should definitely get them too!

  5. yay...I'm finally able to catch up. Seems it was my PC's fault.
    Sjoe, Tania! good luck with the reuniting of father and son.
    I like Stefanie's comment regarding the award dilemma.
    If you like, I'll also pray for God's guidance and peace and strength in the decisions that you should follow.

  6. hey you all,
    Thanks so much for commenting on this issue, i don't know, some people seem to think we are overreacting? this whole weekend we could not stop thinking about it, talking about it, when you come to a standstill, you start thinking allover again, about the impact it could have caused, if i just left it and actually went to the awardevent. will keep you posted, have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8, thanks again, for your thoughts and prayers.x

  7. Such a difficult situation - but is your daughter happy at the school? I haven't been reading your blog for long so there may be more to this than I know? We as women often get so emotional about things that we really shouldn't. As stef said, at least you found out prior to the event and saved her the embarresment. You and your daughter will know what the right thing is to do. Meet with the school in the morning, demand an apology and try and continue.

    Sometimes the teachers/HOD's just really don't think things thru properly and that's when our kids get hurt unintentionally.

  8. Just popping in to say hope it went well today & that you have a clear head now about what you are going to do about the situation ;-D