Thursday, October 15, 2009

Matric Farewell

This is my sister in law's daughter, Corlisha.
They had their matric farewell , and I think she looked amazing, hmm, I do not really know her partner, but he is Michael.
She was really in the mood for taking photo's and seemed as thought she had fun!
Her dress had the most gorgeous detail on, love the colour. I wanted to go take a few shots at the venue, but the traffic was hectic up there.
This was her dream. . . to arrive in a BMW M6, she did, and at NO COST, a man and his wife in town, generously drove their AUDI and BMW out for some of the kids, really nice of them.
And the last one, again, Michael and the M6.
Apparently, all the girls and guys looked stunning!!
Thanks for letting me share.
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  1. Fantastic photos & dress...outstanding dress...looks like a wedding dress...

  2. yap, helen, she actually said, that she wants to keep it and one day get married in it!!

  3. What a beautiful dress. Love the colour and the detail.

    well done on the pics.

    funny how the matrics are always concerned about what vehicle they arrive in - does it matter?

    you're a great photographer.