Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My meaning about School X

Ok, seeing that there are a few ladies in blog land, having some dilemma or issue in life, right now, let me tell you about mine. . .
I will be talking about School X, don't want to get into trouble calling the school by the name.
Let's just start by saying that all the other local schools around here, decided 2 years ago, that the competition in School X are to high to come by and that they no longer want to compete against School X in any sports.
The end result for School X, to go out and compete against the top schools in South Africa, ending up competing in the Super 16 school athletics championships, which is hard on our kids, for they are not up for this type of competition yet, although we do show some good talent, here and there.
But, i came to the conclusion that School X cannot meet up to ALL the expectations of schools in Johannesburg,etc. Children are forced to change back into school wear, after playing sports, when they want to watch the Main game, but some of the teachers walk around in skimpy skirts??

Girls are not allowed to colour the hair, but some of the teachers look like they escaped some kind of chemical reaction???

We have kids in school X that have competed internationally in different types of sport, but they WILL NOT receiver honouree colours for it?? While the school actually give them the invitation to go compete in the trails??

Every grade has some kind of a leadership group, these kids get voted by the children, so if you are one of the "lekker" ones, you will get chosen, children ending up there are kids that actually fail some of their subjects, go to school without a tie, hair that is not neatly tied, and shoes not even fastened?

My daughters Art book got lost, not by herself, because
she actually loves this book, because a lot of hard work and effort went into this book, it got lost by the teacher,her classroom looks like a scrapyard, by the way, her excuse, oh sorry, no excuse, just: the book is gone, forget about it start a new one??? If my daughter was the guilty part, losing the book, she would have got at least 10 detention points against her name??

Some of their marks were not added to the final results for the end of term, they do not fix it, kids must wait until next term, so they miss the chance of getting a diploma for these subjects, for the prize giving is this term.

I did phone the school, promised high and low to solve the problem,BUT nothing has been done!!
The school fees are over R7000 per year, for what??

My daughter wants to go to another school, which means, that I will have to put her in a boarding school?? So, we as family must take the suffering,all this to be in SCHOOL X,ha, they have a LOOOOONG way to go, before they can even think of trying to compete against bigger schools, EVERYTHING should be in place first!! Not only the athletes??


  1. So glad you found me..so I could find you:)

    I see we have a lot in common. When I read this post I just thanked the Lord that I no longer have to deal with school politics. Strength to you!

  2. So sorry to hear you sounding so frustrated Tania! I have faced every one of these problems here at the four different schools my kids have been to. They are at the moment in 3 different schools but the little ones have moved up from junior primary so are at another school now. At my daughter's school (high school) she got Friday detention ALL TERM for dying her hair from mousy brown to slightly darker {with my blessing - it looks heaps better} & at her school a number of the teachers are openly lesbian (supposedly a Christain school...) My son never got his cross-country Provincial colours because the teac her forgot to apply. At his next school (high school) his report was wrong - 2 of his subjects the marks weren't anywhere near correct & we could prove it. I did move my son from one high-school to another after 6 months & thousands of rands worth of uniforms that I am stuck with as there is no second hand shop. The school he is at now is slightly better but not fantastic, but these model C schools don't seem to be able to deliver a better service. My daughter is at a private school & whilst the academics are brilliant things like the hair-dying are very hypocritical. I have had many a phone-call with teachers giving their best PR but at the end of the day they don't have the resources or the organisation to satisfy our expectations. I don't know what to suggest for you if there is no school closer as I am also not happy with boarding. I did say though that if Jack's school was AS BAD as the last one we would have no choice but to make him a weekly boarder - against our wishes. Maybe a visit to the head?