Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New addition and NO name

Ok, here he/or she is. My new baby, sitting in his water bowl.
Is he not just too cute?? I was on my way to the nursery on Sunday, to buy a pot,they have a pet shop inside too, I came home with him and the pot.
He has no name yet, don't know if it is maybe a"she" So what about ET?

It seems as though he is having a nap in the bowl, shame it is very small, he had 3 crickets in his cage, one has bitten the dust.
They also like vegetables, like carrots, corn and greens, just not broccoli or spinach, apparently they can die, eating that.
For now it has a greenish carpet type of thingie on the bottom of the cage, they eat the gravel, that you are suppose to put in, then they also die. BUT, since all my fish died sadly, I have a nice large aquarium for him, I am busy getting it all together for him. Some plants and rocks,etc. He needs to feel at home.

Ok, I will appreciate some ideas on a name for this little creature.

Thanks for letting me share, have a lovely evening.
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  1. Aaaawwww...too cute...ET sounds like a pretty good name to me ;-D

  2. ET sounds great....a no fuss no mess pet.