Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Update

Hi you all,

Hope you had a lovely weekend, ours was HOT, very warm and dry here at the moment.

Ok, here is the update, went to the school, this morning, saw the deputy head, we had a nice talk, she was horrified about the events of Friday, never in the 20 years, employed at the school, has she seen such a fiasco, seems that there were PLENTY mistakes, there were even matrix that were not even mentioned and they were supposed to get awards.

Anyways, the end result, they are now asking very nicely not to take Megan out of the school, she will receive written apology, but we need to re-apply for the colours.

There is 2 weeks left of this academic year, then the exams starts, she can finish the exams, have a nice holiday and then decide what and where she wants to go, in the end, she should just be happy, they are only kids, and they should enjoy life as much as possible, not have nonsense like this in their lives.

Busy with a layout, hope to share it soon, photos of 2 years ago, seems like yesterday. . .

LOL!! Helen, I have done that test!! Man, this right foot of mine!! Who else have done it?? It is VERY funny:)

You must all have a LOVELY evening



  1. Glad things got discussed and sort of sorted out. Hope it resolves into a situation with which your daughter can be happy.

  2. LOL Tanya! Yup the foot thing is a glad you are sounding better & let's hope that the Head can get to the bottom of all this for you & Megan, poor girl...

  3. I am so glad for you that everything turned out good in the end.

  4. You must be relieved that it is all sorted.

    I agree, so close to the end of the year to move - would cause more harm than good.