Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok, this is the story:

My husband and I are married for about 7years now, the age gap is quite big, but it is NO problem.

He was married before, about 24 years ago, they had a baby boy, his wife left him, with the baby, he NEVER saw him again, although he tried and put in all effort, well since I got to know him, I saw what this did to him, over Christmas, Easter, Fathers day,etc. He has me and Megan, but you can see the "miss" in his eyes, always.

Well, I decided that I am going to start looking for the boy. I started about 4 months ago, googled, sent e-mails to missing person forums, etc.

On Monday evening, I was busy blog hopping, you know how it goes, I decided to check my inbox,clicked "send and receive" and there it was. . .HIM!!!!

Revealing himself, confirming his name, uncles, mother and father's names, where he was born, birth date, EVERYTHING matched PERFECTLY, I nearly fainted, my heart was beating 200 beats per minute!!

I left it there, until the next day, e-mailed him back, he send me pictures of himself, he looks exactly like my husband, told me all about himself, where he is working, what he likes in life, about his girlfriend and that is not all!!!

He wants to re-unite!!!!

I am sooo exited, my husband is over the moon, but still a bit nervous, I just hope and pray, all will go off well. . .I don't want to disappoint him now.

I always see things like this in the movies, read about it and NOW it is Really happening in my own home!!

Megan thinks it is GREAT!! She is very happy for Andre.

Anyways, thank you VERY MUCH, for letting me share this, I cannot wait to take a picture of the two of them and do a layout. Have a Great evening!xx


  1. Wow well that is big news! I am sure that only good can come from all your efforts - how exciting!

  2. That is just a wonderfully happy story:} I am sure it will all go very well.

  3. Wow that is sooooooooooooooo good. Nice to be able to be reunited with long lost relatives. Eventually (through facebook) I found my best friend from school.... also after years and years of searching. Hope the meeting between father and son goes well.

  4. Wow! How exciting. I have found alot of people through facebook. You are very lucky to have found him so soon. I have been searching for my 1/2 brother for years now. I am begining to think that he does not want to be found.

  5. Hey Ann, hope you are well!! thanks for the comment and hope you succeed in your search, mine feels easy now, hearing how others seem to struggle.