Friday, October 2, 2009

Still alive and kicking!!!

No, I did not disappear into thin air, it was HOLIDAY!! There I was thinking that schooldays are hectic, but this short holiday was even more!! Have to keep Megan and her friends busy all the time. . . The first week she visited her friend Margie on the farm for a few days, then off to Sun City I went with them, me and my mother, and did i get a suntan, it was well-overcast, but i still came home, looking like those VERY pink Vienna's:( Last weekend I went Emperors Palace, just to do some shopping at the Convention, bought a few things, but would rather wait for my kit, I ordered from Helen, cannot wait!!!

Did some cleaning and organizing too and then it hit me!!. . . .Only 3 months until Christmas!!

No cards yet, no ideas for gifts or anything, don't have much time AND I need to bake my Christmas Cake, yes, yes, 3 months in advance, do you want the recipe, it is divine:)

I thought of adding a Christmas Layout i did last year of Megan, here it is. . .


  1. ag, we just stayed home these hols. my son wasn't well and the weather has been really miserable.
    YES! why not post the recipe on your blog? (with pics as you go through the steps, if u have time)

  2. I love the layout! And yes I would LOVE the recipe. Now that the kids are older I want to make my first EVER Christmas Cake (they never liked the fruitcake but now the older ones do) so please...What did you buy at the Convention? Tell us!! I am still waiting for our kits! They should be here any day now though & I will get yours straight off to you ;-D Sure it will have much newer stash than anything you found at the convention, unless the instructors brought some stash with them from Prima, etc...??? Don't forget the cake ;-D