Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where To Stay

So, we wanted to go away for the weekend, but we made the decision on the last minute, because Andre was suppose to work, but they got the weekend off. We wanted to go to the little"dorpie" Parys, never been there before, only heard that it is very nice going there, BUT because we do not know the place, we could not find a nice place to stay, we decided to drive through and do some exploring, go visit the different places, then you know what to expect when you do decide to stay for a weekend. or else you might end up at a place like this:
Ok, this one above, Eiffel Tower, the works, is the info centre, thanks heavens for their help, look at the next few.
This is a resort, right when entering Parys, now,do not think of me as a snob, but this is NOT my idea of a weekend away.
Another close-up above and then the next one, this is a heap of beds!!! So I suppose this is NOT a Bed and Breakfast, for all the beds are lying outside,LOL!! Ok, for some reason blogger would not load all the photo's i have loaded. So, to be continued.
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  1. LOL Tania! LOVE the me a snob too then!